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Welcome to our blog! During these times of COVID when we cannot be together, we will use this as a space to share reflections and ways that we can pray.

Latest from the Blog

Holy Thursday

We begin the Triduum here at Holy Thursday. Holy Thursday is one of my favorite holy days of the year. In one celebration, Jesus gives us the Eucharist—His body, blood, soul and divinity—to remain with us and sustain us until we meet Him in Heaven AND He washes His disciples’ feet. He instructs us inContinue reading “Holy Thursday”

Good Friday

As we find ourselves at Good Friday, our experience of this day is infused with particular meaning in light of the pandemic that continues to plague our country and world. Although we cannot physically come together to share in the Liturgy of our Lord’s Passion or the Stations of the Cross, our prayers and solemnContinue reading “Good Friday”

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday, we find ourselves in the “in between”–the moment of time between the brutality and anguish of Good Friday and the glory of Easter. For many of us, it is probably often a day of preparation for our dinners and celebrations with loved ones on Easter Sunday. This year, with our dinners andContinue reading “Holy Saturday”

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